At Zong Yih, quality starts when our clients send us their projects. Our design department will first analyze the new design, following for control program and process capability evaluations.

Realize that the importance of production process is based on the performance of our people in very aspect, we have trained our people to the highest standard of their skills.

Our people are working with their utmost skills and experiences to produce the quality products for our customers, we are put the great effort to ensure that our products will meet customer's specification and their quality expectations.


To achieve the high degree of confidence that our customers place in Zong Yih, our emphasis is on "problem prevention" and "continuous product improvement". In fact, certification to ISO/TS16949:2009 was part of that emphasis - not a reaction.


From the inception of a project, Quality plays a major role. We work hard to learn up front, and then respond to, a customer's unique quality concerns. We then work those requirements into the incoming materials requirements, process requirements, and finished standards for the product. With our First Article process, all functions - Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing and Customer Service - participate in establishing and confirming the specific steps that will ensure delivering the customer's product problem free and on-time the first and every time. As part of the process, involved operators are trained to inspect and statistically sample for their customer's specific requirements. Tools used to accomplish this process include ISIRs, SPCs, PPAPs and FMEAs.


The Quality Inspection lab at Zong Yih is an exceptionally well-equipped facility, but our facility is only a minor player in the overall quality process. As part of the quality review process, quality becomes a part of the project right from the start. Our Engineering and Sales team completes a formal design review when the project is initiated. This is often followed up by cross-departmental new part FMEAs. As a standard practice, ISIRs are provided to our customers with the first article shipment. Of course, our QA Inspector provides complete PPAPs when requested. In addition to our focus on quality during the first article process, each operator involved in the flow of the product is trained to inspect for quality during his or her operation for each and every production release. Our operators are our most effective inspectors. Weekly continuous improvement meetings involving production, engineering and quality are held to improve our process and reduce the cost of scrap. From the start of a new project through regular manufacturing production releases, our entire quality process is set up to ensure the highest quality.